What is the Sound Healing House? 

Originally sound therapists and holistic teachers from other fields came and come together here to learn from each other and to work individually and in groups.
Stefa also welcomes every being who need a break from everyday life. Everyone who longs for sustainable relaxation and change or those who want to dive deeper into the field of sound healing. Whether you are a true beginner and don't even know what sound therapy or holistic being means or if your are an experienced therapist, this stay is designed for you.
me&more opens its gates and gives us access to this rich secluded land, the breathtaking night skies, terraces, a wood fired sauna and pool as well as their huge private woods.
Body, Breath and sound therapy forms the basis for holistic healing, far away from therapeutic limitations and the specification in just one area. The aim is to look at and include real life in all its being through multi-faceted work.  In the end, we work with just one focus, the focus of your truth of the moment and the true empowerment it contains.
The Sound Healing House at me&more is an initiative of the German Union of certified  Sound Therapists.