Sound Healing House 

-  coming home to yourself -

Come back into your power, into your truth and your destiny!
In the House of Sound Healing we welcome you on a very special journey through your inner and outer world.
Stefa and guest teachers from different countries gently introduce you to the holistic self-healing of Sound Healing.
With sound therapeutic journeys, meditation, yoga and breathwork as well as a multifaceted variety of rituals, such as the morning sun dance, you enter the world of your inner shaman and sage.

Topics such as vocation, way of life, integration of experiences, emotional balancing and much more. find space and time here. All of you are welcome here!

In peace, serenity and gentleness, we face everything that we feel and so often try to push away in the realm of vibrations and sounds.
A truly magical, relaxed, cheerfully easy path through integration into true empowerment, far away from struggle and physical exertion.

A retreat to feel!
A time just for you!
A lifetime just to be.

Your stay at the Sound Healing House

- Arriving within yourself -

Can I feel, may I breathe, can I truly just be me?

The Sound Healing House invites you to fully be. 
We built  a place dedicated only to your truth. 
You can attend classes at your own pace, explore the vast forests that surround us, sing, listen, meditate and much more.
Two sessions per week are set as orientation pillars. They serve you and your process and initiate integration and self-empowerment.
The days between these solid pillars serve you and your individual process. Whether you need calm and gentleness or profound process support or even meetings with others, you decide on the spot and at that moment.


A rich, vegan diet not only nourishes your body, but also flushes out toxins and calms your system.
Eat for yourself or with others, just as it suits you.
You will be accommodated in a comfortable single room in the midst of an enchanting, lush green nature. Here, European standards meet genuine Tuscan charm, permeated by the warmth that radiates from this remote and even enchanting land.
Just listening to the rustling of the palm leaves enchants one or the other listener.
The 5000 square meter garden with many retreats and the almost endless forest areas that surround us create the feeling of being almost alone on this earth.
The large pool, as well as the open terraces and the large, fire-powered sauna invite you to linger and connect.
And at the end of almost every day, a breathtaking starry sky towers over the hill of the Sound Healing House.


daily arrival  
Stay flexible: stay from one week up to 28 days

 750€ per week
2380€ for a monthlong

Included are two private or group sessions per week accordingly to your process and needs. Also included are accommodation in a single room,
soul food and drinks as well all  open classes on me&more and workshops between your sessions.

[email protected]

more info: via Stefa, email above or call or WhatsApp me&more